INTERVIEW: Doctor P (2013)

DJ, prankster, and label head Doctor P wears a lot of hats. Although he is not known (yet) by the mainstream, his following is huge and loyal, as evidenced by a sold out club (on a?Thursday)?in Nashville, Tennessee.? Originally released on his own Circus records, his recent EP was picked up by legendary dance label Big Beat who brought his sound to the US where it was devoured.? His track “Galaxies & Stars” is a good intro, but you really should dig further in and experience the way his creative mind takes dubstep to places it’s never really been before.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: When you made ?Galaxies & Stars,? were you trying to channel Blondie?s ?Rapture??
Doctor P: Yeah, I am a massive Blondie and KRS-One fan. I have always loved what KRS-One did with the song (on “Step into a World”), so I tried to do that and take some of the original and give it my own spin as well. I didn?t get any percentage of that track, Debbie Harry got everything and she wouldn?t back down. We were going back and forth for ages and I finally just let her have it, she wrote the melody so I suppose it?s fine.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Joan Reyes & Victor Magan ft Moises Modesto – “Heart of Glass”

Part of following clubland is keeping an eye on music from around the world.? Starting to buzz in Spain is this new vocal houser from Spanish DJ/Producers Joan Reyes and Victor Magan.? The song caught my eye for two reasons – first because of how great Joan’s track with Amba Shepherd, “Perfect Crime,” was and and secondly, the thought of how cool a male vocal cover of a Blondie track would be.? To my very happy surprise, it’s an original song written by singer Moises Modesto with a fully-realized verse and chorus (a rarity these days in EDM records) over a track which blends a melodic piano drop with tough, but not obnoxiously aggressive electro production in the chorus.? The only ’80s/cover vibe comes from a synth line that bears a striking resemblance to Bronski Beat “Smalltown Boy” (or September “Cry For You” for those too young to remember the original). “Heart of Glass” is a solid vocal club track that could easily find its way into crossing over to radio.

Image Courtesy of Sony/We Love Asere

REVIEW: Todd Terry vs Hip Hop – Dramatical: Volume 1

By Spun Counterguy

DJ, remixer, and producer Todd Terry has been fulfilling all three of those roles from pretty much the beginning of both house and hip-hop’s respective births. He?s made a name for himself by being at the forefront of ?deep house,? developing the early remix phenomenon by being responsible for such massive crossover hits as ?Missing? by Everything But The Girl and producing tracks for such artists as PM Dawn. So to the Todd Terry fan, Dramatical will come as no surprise and will be sure to please expectations.
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