SONG OF THE DAY: Senit – “Follow Me”

Oh wow, it has finally happened, a full-on vocalist doing a pop song with dub step production. This might be your first introduction to Senit, who comes from the African country of Eritrea and has achieved much success in Italy (touring with musical casts, representing San Marino in Eurovision, tv hosting.) For her US debut EP, she delves into europop with “One Stop Shop” and electro with “AOK,” but the real magic comes with dub step styled “Follow Me.” With her mature almost-Broadway calibre voice, the well-written song comes alive and transcends the dance floor to become a perfect theme for a summer romantic blockbuster movie. Heck, this would work for even a Disney film. When I first watched the intro video, I thought to myself, is Carla Hall (Top Chef/The Chew) moonlighting as a singer? Not just looks but the quirky personality is something that the two share. It will be interesting to see if Senit is the artist that is able to help dub step cross over further to the mainstream.

SONG OF THE DAY: Krewella – “Alive”?

When I last wrote about Krewella, I described them as your “newest dubstep obsession” but have since realized they are so much more.? Seeing the trio in Atlantic City performing a set combining tracks, live vocals, effects, and more,? they literally pumped the crowd up to a new level. ? It was to the point that even the most stodgy industry people finally got why all the kids were into dubstep.? The thing is, their music is not just dubstep, but a sampling of several EDM subgenres – electro, dubstep, glitch, and stadium.? Their new single, “Alive,” is a mix of europop and stadium house that is accessible without being cheesy.? That’s an amazing accomplishment, especially since it sounds like they are recreating the infamous Cappella hook from the ’90s (which was originally “inspired” by Siouxsie and the Banshees “Happy House”). ? The vocals are quite strong and the solid production is hooky, with an energetic chorus that will get any dance floor jumping up and down. The remix package is quite impressive, with not a single weak one in the pack.? Dubstep lovers will go for the Pegboard Nerds and Mitis remixes.? Moore’s big room mix has a touch of the ’90s retro rave sound. ? Jakob Liedholm’s take has some cool filtering effects layered over the stadium groove, while the Cash Cash & Kalkutta is an all out energetic monster.? When a song is this good, you just can’t do a bad mix.

Image Courtesy of Columbia Recordings.


A dubstep musical? Yes, it could happen.? Brothers Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker make up the Norwegian variety show group known as Ylvis. On their TV show ‘I kveld med YLVIS,’ they showed this comedic take of a modern musical.? In what starts as serious story of a man questioning why he can’t find love, we see that it is his musical taste – dubstep – which stands in the way. “Someone Like Me” combines discordant bits of traditional musical theatre with aggressive/violent dubstep sequences.? The story progresses and he finds his perfect mate, wandering the streets singing a similar song. The clip is quite reminiscent of the video for Faithless/Estelle “Why Go” where two people who dance uncontrollably to their own music find each other on an escalator and live a happy life together.? It just goes to show you in this crazy world, there is a perfect match for everyone.? The added humor of Mad Men, James Blunt, and cupcake reference take it to the next level.? I can totally see “Please Just Take These F*king Flowers” as an internet meme.

Image Courtesy of I kveld med YLVIS.