Notable Dance Podcast #011

Benny Benassi ft John Legend – Dance the Pain Away (Original)
Jus Jack & Oza ft Blessid Union of Souls – Love is the Answer (Tiesto)
Laid Back – White Horse (Funkerman)
Brass Knuckles ft John Ryan – Alive (Starkillers)
HIIO ft Abigail Bailey – Waiting For the Night (Original)
Denis the Menace and Syke & Sugarstarr – World in Your Hands (Antranig)
Far Too Loud – Drop the Bomb
Holmes Watson – LOL
Maison & Dragen – WOW (Original)
Cosmic Gate – Storm Chaser (Original)
Tiesto ft Kyler England – Take Me
Lange & Susana – Risk Worth Taking (Extended)

INTERVIEW: Cosmic Gate (2013)

It’s hard to believe that a chance meeting in a studio led to one of the most successful and enduring dance artists of all time.† Meeting by chance in a studio more than 15 years ago, Claus Terhoeven (aka Nic Chagall) and Stefan Bossems (aka Bossi) jammed together and created a track that they pretty much forgot about.† A few months later, they sent the track out to labels and everyone wanted it.† They’ve consistently released top-notch trance tracks (“Exploration Of Space,” “Firewire,” “Be Your Sound”) and albums over the years and continue to stay true to their roots.†† 2013 sees them continuing to tour but planning to take a break to work on some new production.† We caught up with them at the Winter Music Conference for a chat.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: How was the Yacht Party?
Bossi: It was amazing. This was our 4th time doing it and it was sold out again. Fortunately, just like every other year the vibe was insane. There are usually about 400 fans there that really enjoy that type of music and are there especially to hear it. It has become the highlight of our year, of course playing at State of Trance and Ultra is great, too, but the vibe at the Yacht Party is unbeatable. It is like a big family coming together each year and we have an amazing time.

RS: How did the Juicy Party go?
Bossi: We have been coming to Miami for about 12 years and we usually go to the Juicy Party just to hang out. To be one of the headliners this year has been amazing, our music is a little bit different to most of the house and electro DJs but the reaction was fantastic.
Nic: It went surprisingly well and we didnít even have to change our sound.
Bossi: We played a nice progressive Cosmic Gate set, it was great.

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