SONG OF THE DAY: Tomcraft – “Like A Roller”

A word can have so many meanings… On the surface, Tomcraft’s new track is a modest electro track with a repetitive, nursery rhyme kind of vocal on top. The hook of the beat and the vocal loop become insanely addictive as it develops throughout the track. I am having vague flashbacks to Sarina Paris for some reason, but then I realize its the word “roller” has myriad meanings- the lyric develops into a roll of film, yet in any EDM scene you are going to imagine that roller describes someone tripping on ecstacy. Then comes the video with clownface-painted girls rollerskating. While the original mix is the clearest vision, the club mix adds a sharp synth line, and the David Jones mix might work better in the bigger rooms with a more progressive sound. Yeah, it’s not Mozart, but there is something trippy and addictive to this earworm of a dark electro record.

Image Courtesy of Kosmo.