SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Laid Back – “White Horse” (Funkerman Remix)

One of the many things that I love about Dutch producer/DJ Funkerman is that you never quite know what’s going to come next from him.? Each release is just a bit out there, whether it brings in spaced-out disco, electro, rock, ambient, etc. – he has such a music breadth that it makes following his music all the more exciting. “White Horse” by Laid Back, released 30 years ago, is one of those dance classics that stills get played, in its original version, at parties around the world.? Often times when a classic is remixed, the result has little to do with the original. This is not the case here. “White Horse” was ahead of its time as a synth-pop record that came out right after disco was on its wane. Funkerman injects a little energy and a few new kicks, loops, and a touch of electro, but keeps most of the original elements intact and just restructured it to stretch it out and make it sound current.? The modern dropouts are there, but deployed in such a way that energy will not be killed on the dance floor- most people will probably be singing along.? This remix will definitely go down massively at any kind of party, though I wonder how the cool underground kids will react if they hear this in a set – hopefully they can realize that a sick track is a sick track no matter what its vintage.? One slight critique- at over 8 minutes in length, the remix borders on being too much of a good thing.

Image Courtesy of Can You Feel It.