SONG OF THE DAY: Roger Shah, JES & Brian Laruso – “Higher Than The Sun”

Jes has one of those amazingly beautiful voices which works perfectly on just about any kind of electronic dance track.? The duo of Global Experience (Roger Shah and Brian Laruso) step up to the plate with a gorgeous track melding progressive house and trance, seemingly inspired by the classic “Moments in Love.”?? Listening to the vocal manipulation in the buildup and some of the staccato repetitions, there is definitely a bit of the Art of Noise vibe.? The lushly-layered background vocals are also quite gorgeous with a note being held with an operatic feel. The lyrics and production make “Higher Than the Sun” a great track for the end of night or a lazy beachside tea dance (as evidenced by the video featuring a peaceful boat journey). ?DJs should keep their eyes open for forthcoming remixes by Aly & Fila, Jesse Voorn, and Pedro Del mar & Double V.

Images courtesy of Black Hole Recordings.