INTERVIEW: Todd Terry (2013)

The superstar DJs of today owe a lot of credit to Todd Terry, or Todd the God as he was affectionately nicknamed.? Back in the day, he was criticized when he DJed and played a lot of his own productions.? Can you even think of a superstar DJ today who doesn’t do his own production?? Reenergized and embracing his heartfelt house grooves, Todd Terry is back to creating music for dancefloors embracing a multitude of genres – samba, hip-hop, and even electro with original productions and great collaborations.? I must say it was a true honor to speak with one of the true legends of house music.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: How was the OWAP (Original Warehouse Acid Party) event at Amsterdam Dance Event?
Todd Terry: It was great, gritty and dirty and exactly what I was looking for when I do OWAP. They just know how to fuse it together and make it real house and real funky.

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