INTERVIEW: Alex Gaudino (2013)

Italian DJs have an innate playfulness to them – whether it’s the goofy sexiness of Benny Benassi, pranksters DJs from Mars, or electro madmen Crookers.? Producer/DJ Alex Gaudino is no different, having soared to international stardom with the vocal mashups “Destination Calabria” and “Watch Out,” as well as a driving cover of the Joan Jett classic “I Love Rock and Roll.”? For his new album ‘Doctor Love,’ he takes inspiration from David Guetta and enlists superstar vocalists from the worlds of pop and R&B like Jordin Sparks, Jay Sean, Kelly Rowland, and Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) for a commercial, yet club-ready summer soundtrack.? If you prefer the harder side of Alex, be sure to check out his remixes with partner Jason Rooney.? We caught up with Alex at Winter Music Conference and though at times he is difficult to understand, his love of electronic music breaks through the language barrier.

DJ Ron Slomowicz:Are you the Doctor Love?
Alex Gaudino: That is a good question, I don?t really feel like I?m Doctor Love, but there are a lot of songs on my album that talk about love.
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REVIEW: Alex Gaudino – ‘Doctor Love’

Reviewed by: Ben Norman

Dance music is its own punishment and its own reward. No statement is more true when listening to Alex Gaudino’s ‘Doctor Love’ album. Alex Gaudino, who has been responsible for tracks like “Destination Calabria” and “What A Feeling,” the 2012 Pride song with Kelly Rowland, does nothing more than pump out feel-good dance pop jams. It’s pervasive, perverse, and perfunctory, but you’ll dance your ass off and blare it through your speakers while driving down the road, and no one could say anything less about you since they’ll be doing it, too.

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SONG OF THE DAY: Alex Gaudino ft JRDN – “Playing With My Heart”

Pulling a Guetta?? That’s quickly becoming slang for a DJ/producer going commercial by enlisting the help of big name r&b/hip-hop talent for a bigtime crossover.? That’s not necessarily the case here as Gaudino’s biggest club/crossover hits (“Destination Unknown,” “I’m In Love,” “What a Feeling”) have all added a pop topline to a clubworthy track.? Rather than go for theatrics with an international superstar, Alex has discovered a gem in Canadian idol competitor Ralph Jordan Croucher (aka JRDN). ?Possessing a voice capable of silky soulful singing and a dynamic rap flow, he elevates Alex’s solid electropop track to radio crossover. ? It’s of comparable quality to the best singles of Taio Cruz and Jason Derulo. ? Since the original is so straight-up pop (and that’s not a bad thing), there will no doubt be aggressive club remixes coming up soon. If someone just takes the verse lines “Playing With My Heart, Can’t Stop the Bleeding” and effects that over glitchy electro – it will be a floorfiller for sure.? With “Playing With My Heart” and his last single with Taboo, “I Don’t Wanna Dance,” as teasers, Alex Gaudino’s new album Doctor Love will definitely be the buzz of WMC upon its anticipated release in March.

Image Courtesy of Ultra.