SONG OF THE DAY: Hardwell and Dyro ft Bright Lights – “Never Say Goodbye”

When three hardworking EDM people end up in the studio, magic is bound to happen.? Dutch producers Hardwell and Dyro have been pumping out massive club tracks and remixes (“Three Triangles,” “Apollo,” “How We Do,” “Sky High,” “Leprechauns and Unicorns”), while Bright Lights (aka Heather Bright) has made the move from writer to artist collaborating with everyone from Porter Robinson and Zedd to Benny Benassi and 3Lau. “Never Say Goodbye” is an energetic peak hour electro track which walks that fine line between going too agressive/glitchy or too pretty/down.? While there is a dropout for the vocals, the beat loops and kick track keep the energy, so there is no fear of losing a dance floor. It’s also a song that grows with each listen, so while it might not grab you the first time, each time it comes up in a mixed set you will probably love it more and more.? The remixes wisely keep the vocals firmly as the focus while going all over the place with Skeletron being oddly subdued yet energetic,? AathiTroniic going progressive, and Visionaire going retroDirtyDutch, a la Afrojack from 3 years ago.

Images courtesy of Cloud9/Kontor/Revealed.??

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