SONG OF THE DAY: Sander Van Doorn – “Neon”

The past year has made me a fan of Sander van Doorn due to his creative tracks and his seeming multiple personality disorder. When I see a new Sander track pop up on Beatport, I wonder is it going to be a crackhead electro track (“Kangaroo,” “Joyenergizer”), an emotional vocal stadium track (“Into the Light,” “Nothing Inside”), or a flute track (“Koko”). For his new track “Neon,” he’s mixed up the bag, blending elements of flute (and other orchestral intrstruments) with progressive/stadium house- a mellow, yet energetic big room track.? The repeated hook is an incessant earworm, and after the first listen you won’t be able to get it out of your head.? This track has the makings of something massive, and there will probably be a vocal version coming quite soon.? The video, a colorful allegory of finding personal freedom by freeing others, is definitely worth checking out.

Images courtesy of Doorn/Spinnin.