SONG OF THE DAY: I Am A Camera – “The Legendary Children”

Pop music is cool again. We first heard about the British/Irish duo I Am A Camera when their lo-fi emotion-filled cover of “Rent” by the Pet Shop Boys surfaced online. Digging around, we found more of their tracks (the synth poppy “Factory Boys”) and their sick remix of Lana del Rey’s “Born to Die.” For their big debut pop single, they’ve embraced their inner art pop geek and come up with “The Legendary Children,” a downbeat electropop song with an 80s feel and a modern groove. Equal parts Alphaville and Alphabeat are in the mix. The lyrics are haunting, especially the children’s chorus which has an eerie “The Wall” feel that fits on many levels. Fans of La Roux should definitely be following this duo while the DJs anxiously await the forthcoming remixes by Jodie Harsh, HiFi Sean, and Mark Moore (of S-Express.)

Images courtesy of Tim & Danny/Capitol.