INTERVIEW: Dyro (2013)

A highlight of the Amsterdam Dance Event is always finding the rising talent.? There is even a special day for ADE Next, highlighting aspiring producers/DJs learning the trade.? Dyro made the jump from attending the Next panel to being on the Next panel in the span of year. ? His track “Metaphor” received massive support from David Guetta and “Sky High,” his track with Amba Shepherd, was picked up by Strictly Rhythm.? Add to that remixes of high profile artists like Katy Perry, Afrojack, and Example, and you will hear why 2012 was such a good year for Dyro and why he is a rising star to watch for.

RS: How was the Revealed party last night?
Dyro: It was amazing; there was a really energetic crowd. It was different for me to play to a crowd that was really into the music. There was a good flow and I really enjoyed it.

RS: Are you not used to playing for crowds that are into the music?
Dyro: The crowd in Holland is a little bit spoiled and they think that they can do what we do. ?It?s more about being on their phones, and sometimes they put their hands up in the air when a song they know is played. That?s Holland; everyone says that if you can play in Holland you can play anywhere. It may be the reason why Dutch DJs are so good and can feel the crowd. Yesterday was really different because there was an international vibe. I think that 50% of the people there were from another country and they were all music lovers and lovers of Revealed, Hardwell, Dyro, or Dannic. They set a standard for the party and everyone went with it.

RS: Have you played outside the Netherlands before?
Dyro: I have played a lot of places, last week we went to Hungary, I?ve been to Italy a couple of times, Spain- I debuted in a show at Space in Ibiza, a show with Revealed in Switzerland, I am going to Canada next week and we are working on a US Visa.

RS: Are you finding the crowds outside of the Netherlands easier to work with?
Dyro: Definitely, I personally think that it is more fun.

RS: ?Sky High? is an amazing track, how did you meet up with Amba?
Dyro: I did a remix for her about 6 months ago when I was just starting. The label that the track was signed with contacted my manager and said that they needed a remix for the song and my manager proposed that I do it. I got the track and when I heard the vocals I was completely blown away by her voice and immediately started to work with it. It was funny because I contacted Amba a few weeks later and she was about to contact me at the same time, we hit it off immediately. She sent me a few acappellas and I picked the one that jumped out of the rest and we made the track within a few days. ?

RS: So she had the vocals already written and then you built the track around the vocals?
Dyro: Yeah, she is really smart and a great writer, she can sing aca[pella and work well with anything. ??

RS: How did you feel when Strictly Rhythm picked up the record?
Dyro: It was amazing, they are great promoters and I am really thankful for the work and effort that they put into it.

RS: It?s also such a legendary label.
Dyro: Yes, It was the biggest label in America for a long time. ?It was such a good feeling to know that a label like Strictly wanted to do a track.

RS: I keep hearing all this buzz about you and The Flexican being the next big Dutch superstars, do you feel any pressure to live up to the expectations?
Dyro: Of course, there is always pressure, but the music that I make is what I want, and as long as I am touching my fans with it I am fine. I love that people love the music like I do; I am just taking it in.

RS: After the Dyro/Amba single, what is next, remix and release wise?
Dyro: I have a remix for Example?s song ?Close Enemies? coming up, and one in the pipeline for the Tiesto? and Swanky tunes record called ?Make Some Noise.??

RS: If I am not mistaken, you did remixes with R3hab as well.
Dyro: Yeah, we did the remix for Afrojack and Shermanology ?Can?t Stop Me.? We actually have one more track in the pipeline that we need to finish. We are going to finish it this week and it will be out pretty soon.

RS: When you work with him in the studio, how do you two share the responsibilities?
Dyro: Well we both work on different DAWs.

RS: What do you use?
Dyro: I use Fruity Loops

RS: ? What does he use?
Dyro: He uses Ableton.?

RS: ? It’s just odd to hear that you use Fruity Loops.
Dyro: ? I use Fruity Loops because it is so simple. I know that people aren?t really cool with it and I can understand that, the normal plug-ins that are in Fruity Loops are crap. I only use fruity loops for the simplicity with the work flow. I use all different plug-ins, nothing from fruity loops, just the interface and the way that it works.

RS: I read on your Twitter that you were trying to get drum & bass beats into your house records like 174 to 128, how are you planning to accomplish that? ?
Dyro: Actually, I have been working with tempo switches in the track. The track right now starts at 128 then drops to 118 then builds up to 140 again, it?s actually pretty weird because it works. I am trying to implement it in my tracks to make something original. I am always trying to evolve my tracks and to be innovative, it is just something that I am trying right now, I don?t know if I will be releasing something in that matter, but it?s cool to go with new style and try to implement it in my tracks.

RS: What is the track going to be called?
Dyro: I am not sure yet, it is still in the making. I am working on it

RS: You really should do that because there are so many tracks coming out right that it would be a really ?what the fuck? track. People would automatically wonder what it is.
Dyro: It?s weird because if you hear it, it works. You can?t really tell that the tempo is changing because all of all the instruments. The energy is constant but the tempo switches and by using the tempo switch you can form the energy in a different way that no one else has done before.

RS: Where you part of ADE Next as a participant in the past?
Dyro: Last year, I joined ADE for the time and got to watch Nicky Romero. I was super happy to have him check out my demo. Now a year later, the roles have reversed and I am listening to the tracks and talking to the new guys wondering who will be ?me? next year.

RS: Last night the DJ Mag list was released, what is your opinion and what it means?
Dyro: In my opinion there have been a lot of been changes, as I said before it is not really about DJing skills anymore but more about the artist and the relationship between artist and fans. It is about good marketing and making your fans vote for you. Some DJs have better marketing than others and sometimes it gets mixed up. It is still pretty honest but really about marketing these days.

RS: I have noticed that in the Dutch scene ?there is the dirty Dutch sound, trance, and then there is the techno people on the leftside, is there any producer that goes between all three camps or is it pretty separate?
Dyro: It is pretty separated, we all know each other and respect what we do, but it is still pretty separate.

RS: Would you ever reach out to someone in the Armada camp and do a track with them? Is your sound dirty Dutch?
Dyro: I don?t know, I have this discussion with a lot of people. I really don?t know what type of music I produce, it is not fully electro, progressive, or dirty Dutch, I just call it a ?Dyro? sound.

RS: Is Dyro your given name or just a name that you went with?
Dyro: My name is Jordy, so if you take away the J and rearrange the letters you get Dyro.

RS: Nice. If people want to follow you, is Facebook or Twitter better?
Dyro: I am more active on Twitter but you can also follow me on Facebook. My Facebook is officialdyro and my Twitter is dyromusic.

RS: Is there anything that you would like to say to all of your fans out there?
Dyro: Thanks for the support so far, I am really enjoying myself and I love you all. Keep supporting me and I?ll keep bringing good music.

Interview conducted during Amsterdam Dance Event 2012.