SONG OF THE DAY: Hardwell – “Three Triangles (Losing My Religion)”

Don’t you hate it when you’re in a club and hear an amazing track but can’t
figure out what the title of the track is? When even Shazam doesn’t help?
“Three Triangles” was played at just about every party I went to during
Amsterdam Dance Event last year, but I was never able to figure out what it
was. Imagine my excitement when I discovered “Three Triangles” is being
rereleased with a new vocal version from the classic REM song “Losing My
Religion.” The original has a bouncy, energetic feel that’s electro but
never goes so aggressive or harsh that it veers into the angry or evil
glitchy sound. The new version obviously started as a bootleg mashup–it’s
on the blogs going back to last summer and there’s a YouTube video of Tiesto
dropping it at sounDrome in Italy back in June 2012. Adding the vocals
(probably a cover and not a sample since REM isn’t credited as an artist and
the vocals don’t sound like Michael Stipe) over the break for an official
release was a brilliant if not obvious move. It should refresh this track’s
appeal during another summer festival season. Who knows, maybe it will
crossover to a bigger audience and become a massive radio smash exceeding
the ranks of Hardwell’s top 40 hit “Apollo?”

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.