SONG OF THE DAY: Wolfgang Gartner ft Bobby Saint – Unholy

By: DJ Ricky Sixx

To those who know Wolfgang Gartner for his massive electro tracks that dominated Beatport and clubs, “Unholy” might seem like a surprise.? When you realize that under his other name, Joel Youngman, he created funky and deep house tracks, it makes a bit more sense.?With progressive and future house, it seems the perfect time to let his two different personas crosspollinate. Unholy has elements of house with electro, and a touch of the big room festival sound of the moment.? What makes it special is bouncy fun (reminiscent of “Frenetica”) and the lyrics about being Unholy (reminiscent of “Hounds of Hell”).?It’s hard to determine if the gospel vibe vocals are being reverent or satirical.? I also wonder if Bobby Saint is a real singer or just a name he pulled from a Marvel comic?

Image Courtesy of Kindergarten Records.

Notable Dance Podcast #061

Notable Dance Podcast #61 by Notable Dance on Mixcloud

David Vrong – I Said
Ferreck Dawn & Redondo – Love Too Deep
Gorgon City ft Laura Welsh – Here For You
Hercules & Love Affair – Do You Feel The Same
Steve Silk Hurley – Jack Your Body (Doorly Club Rub)
Kissy Sell Out ft Holly Lois – The Promise (DSK CHK Vocal Remix)
Lodato – Welcome To My Head
Don Diablo – Knight Time
Jay Hardway – Bootcamp
Wolfgang Gartner & Popeska – We Are The Computers
Myon & Shane 54 + Late Night Alumni – Under Your Cloud (Tom Swoon Remix)
Cosmic Gate ft Eric Lumiere – Falling Back
Bright Light Bright Light – I Believe

(Picture of Cosmic Gate taken at Winter Music Conference 2013)

SONG OF THE DAY: 3Some & Eran Hersh – “Red Alert”

Sometimes a little tweak is all it needs to make something fresh.? Right now there is an inundation of tracks copying the “Epic” and “Animal” formulas, and they are kind of interchangeable with little setting them apart from each other.? Leave it to three Israeli teenagers to make their mark by bringing in a taste of classical music.? While it is doubtful that they played the violin parts themselves, the surprise of hearing the sounds at the first drop really changes everything.? Remember the first time you heard Wolfgang Gartner‘s “Fifth Symphony” and how quickly it became a buzz track.? “Red Alert” could possible go viral for that same reason.? Yes, a lot of the rest track may seem right out of DJs from Mars “Phat Ass Drop” instruction manual (i.e. the “motherf*king drop” vocal bit, and the rote buildups) – the inclusion of classical musical elements makes everything seem fresh, different, and stand out a bit. DJs can pick up the free download by liking their Facebook page.? Their forthcoming single “Sweat” is worth taking a listen to as well.

3Some & Eran Hersh – “Red Alert”