SONG OF THE DAY: Wolfgang Gartner ft Bobby Saint – Unholy

By: DJ Ricky Sixx

To those who know Wolfgang Gartner for his massive electro tracks that dominated Beatport and clubs, “Unholy” might seem like a surprise.? When you realize that under his other name, Joel Youngman, he created funky and deep house tracks, it makes a bit more sense.?With progressive and future house, it seems the perfect time to let his two different personas crosspollinate. Unholy has elements of house with electro, and a touch of the big room festival sound of the moment.? What makes it special is bouncy fun (reminiscent of “Frenetica”) and the lyrics about being Unholy (reminiscent of “Hounds of Hell”).?It’s hard to determine if the gospel vibe vocals are being reverent or satirical.? I also wonder if Bobby Saint is a real singer or just a name he pulled from a Marvel comic?

Image Courtesy of Kindergarten Records.