SONG OF THE DAY: Kissy Sell Out ft Holly Lois – The Promise EP

DJ Producer Thomas Bisdee, better known as Kissy Sell Out of the beloved, multigenre-mixed show Kissy Klub that used to be on BBC Radio, is set to unleash ‘The Promise EP,’? his own twisted take on ’90s dance music. The title track is essentially a nu-house duet of singer Holly Lois and the overly effected male-sounding vocal that seems to magically appear in many recent tracks.? If you focused closely, pretty much every element could be trainspotted from a classic? track, yet the deft combination and smooth flow give it an incredibly fresh sound that would fit perfectly in a set with recent releases by Duke Dumont and Gorgon City.? While the other three tracks on the The Promise EP are strong and span dance genres well (oh, how it brings back memories of beloved speed garage), it is the quaintly-titled “Ecstasy” that stands out. With its blend of piano house (is that the hook from Happy Monday’s “Step On”?), classic techno, and a speed garage bassline,? it is truly a hands-in-the-air anthem.? Then again, can you really go wrong when harnessing the vocal prowess of classic diva Angie Brown on a ’90s-inspired dance record??

Image Courtesy of Carrillo Records.