SONG OF THE DAY: Scooter and Vassy – Today

Vassy possesses such a special and unique voice that she can sing the most commercial pop song (“We Are Young”) or big room club jam (“Bad” with David Guetta and Showtek) and you would still know it’s her. Can you guess what kind of song she did with German hard dance icons Scooter? Yep, pounding commercial dance pop- but she manages to hold the focus even when HP Baxxter is doing his trademark screaming rap. The thing is, I kept expecting the disco hook from Patrick Hernandez’s “Born to Be Alive” to come in for some reason. After a few minutes, it hit me that parts of the rap are taken from “Discohopping” by Klubbheads, which sampled that classic disco hook. The video’s borderline offensive take on feminist revenge ranks up there with t.A.T.u.’s “All About Us.” On a lighter note, if you want to hear Vassy rework another classic house records, check out “Hustlin” with Crazibiza and Dave Aude which reworks Crystal Waters’ “Gypsy Woman”

Image courtesy of Kontor records.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY Pt 2): Scooter ft Wiz Khalifa – Bigroom Blitz

From jumping the rock to jumping the shark… Scooter have never been known to be cutting edge, progressive, or credible- but with their latest single “Bigroom Blitz,” they seem to have veered into comedy and satire.? Known for 140+ BPM jumpstyle and hardstyle sounds with sped-up cartoon voices, samples, and the rap by iconic frontman HP Baaxter, “Blitz” features a slowed-down tempo (well, for them 132 BPM is slowed-down) which might be their way of embracing the festival sound or possibly the effect of collaborating with Wiz Khalifa, a celebrated endorser of the pot lifestyle and slowing the roll.?? Wiz accurately describes the cultural contrasts with the line “they poppin’ pills, I’m rollin’ weed.”? This by no means is meant to be a serious record – it is a fun party record as evidenced by the video featuring colorfully and skimpily-dressed females working out on trampolines.? Though not a new concept for an EDM video, the real creativity comes when a megaphone covering a breast is removed to reveal Wiz’s mouth rapping lyrics instead of the expected nipple.?? So let’s put this thought in your head, as the phrase “itz itz it’s the big room blitz” worms its way into your subconscious, which rapper or singer’s mouth would you want to have in place of your left nipple?

Image Courtesy of Kontor.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Master Blaster – How Old Are You 2014

Sometimes half of the fun of sharing music is learning (or trying to figure out the story behind it). When a song has a year on it, that means it’s an updated version. The original version came out in 2003 and shares the style of Scooter “The Night” – a frantic europop track sampling an Italodisco classic with a German guy randomly talking over it. Whereas “The Night” sampled the Valerie Dore song of the same name, “How Old Are You” sampled a few lines of the Miko Mission 1984 song of the same name. The new 2014 version keeps those elements in place, adding a filter over the vocals so they sound like they were lifted from a disco house track. While the beats are still pounding europop, they are kind of softened and more bouncy, though this might also be the results of the numbing effect of 2 years of listening to relentless, pounding electro. The random German guy talking is also further in the background, thankfully. What makes this a great Sunday Funday record is the video featuring two older men reliving childhood activities and games and having the time of their life. While it is unclear if they are friends or longtime companions, it radiates that warm cuddly feeling of growing old with someone you love and still finding magic in the simple things of life.

Image courtesy of Zooland Music.

Master Blaster – How Old Are You 2014