SONG OF THE DAY: Tale & Dutch ft Bart Reeves – The Message

While most everyone is reliving the ’90s, some have moved on to recreating the early ’00s. The original hardstyle version of DJ Bart’s “The Message” sounded like a typical Nukleuz track with voice of God-sampled movie soundtrack vocals, like Aquagen.? The new Reload version, similar to the recent reboot of Master Blaster “How Old Are You,” lowers the tempo to a more europop/electro vibe yet increases the energy.? Now credited to Tale & Dutch ft Bart Reeves, the mix sounds like like what Airscape or Yomanda would be doing in 2014 if they were still producing under those monikers (for those who don’t know, EDM guys tend to change names and sounds every 3-4 years). The track is definitely commercial, but with enough of an edge that a DJ throwing it in a mix would definitely catch people by surprise.? With a lot of the big room bangers sounding so similar lately, it is this kind of leftfield element that will make a creative DJ stand out from the pack.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Master Blaster – How Old Are You 2014

Sometimes half of the fun of sharing music is learning (or trying to figure out the story behind it). When a song has a year on it, that means it’s an updated version. The original version came out in 2003 and shares the style of Scooter “The Night” – a frantic europop track sampling an Italodisco classic with a German guy randomly talking over it. Whereas “The Night” sampled the Valerie Dore song of the same name, “How Old Are You” sampled a few lines of the Miko Mission 1984 song of the same name. The new 2014 version keeps those elements in place, adding a filter over the vocals so they sound like they were lifted from a disco house track. While the beats are still pounding europop, they are kind of softened and more bouncy, though this might also be the results of the numbing effect of 2 years of listening to relentless, pounding electro. The random German guy talking is also further in the background, thankfully. What makes this a great Sunday Funday record is the video featuring two older men reliving childhood activities and games and having the time of their life. While it is unclear if they are friends or longtime companions, it radiates that warm cuddly feeling of growing old with someone you love and still finding magic in the simple things of life.

Image courtesy of Zooland Music.

Master Blaster – How Old Are You 2014