SONG OF THE DAY: Scooter and Vassy – Today

Vassy possesses such a special and unique voice that she can sing the most commercial pop song (“We Are Young”) or big room club jam (“Bad” with David Guetta and Showtek) and you would still know it’s her. Can you guess what kind of song she did with German hard dance icons Scooter? Yep, pounding commercial dance pop- but she manages to hold the focus even when HP Baxxter is doing his trademark screaming rap. The thing is, I kept expecting the disco hook from Patrick Hernandez’s “Born to Be Alive” to come in for some reason. After a few minutes, it hit me that parts of the rap are taken from “Discohopping” by Klubbheads, which sampled that classic disco hook. The video’s borderline offensive take on feminist revenge ranks up there with t.A.T.u.’s “All About Us.” On a lighter note, if you want to hear Vassy rework another classic house records, check out “Hustlin” with Crazibiza and Dave Aude which reworks Crystal Waters’ “Gypsy Woman”

Image courtesy of Kontor records.

SONG OF THE DAY: Ray Roc – “Disco Life” EP

Sometimes you need to zag when everyone is zigging.? As most of the EDM world is either on a ’90s kick or banging out aggressive electro, Ray Roc goes back to his Latino roots by blending classic disco, groovy house, and a bit of Spanish flair for the truly fresh-sounding “Disco Life” EP.? The two tracks have that long-lost Hed Kandi vibe that just makes you want to dance with a sexy groove, funky bassline, and without any of those long dropouts that kill the energy.? “Disco Life” is straight-up disco house with a bit of a cut-up vibe and Spanish lyrics that make you feel like you are dancing poolside out on a tropical island.? The B-side “Shine On” is a bit more pumping, with a Crazibiza/Sharp Boys bouncy house groove and a touch of electro, while keeping the disco feel firmly in place. It’s more of a primetime record that will build energy towards the peak of the night.?? The EP includes both tracks and remixes and will definitely put a smile on any house music lover’s face.

Image Courtesy of Gramma Records.

SONGS OF THE DAY: The Young Punx – “Girls Like Disco” and “Harlem Breakdown”

Those who love Daft Punk realness and can’t wait for the forthcoming DJ Cassidy album will be excited to hear what The Young Punx have come up with.? At first, when I heard the discofied “Girls Like Disco,” the authentic ’70s sound threw me for a loop as these were the crazy cartoon characters that rocked my dance floor with “MASHITUP!” just a few years ago.? Times and inspiration change, and producers Hal Ritson and DJ Nathan Taylor did their own take on ’70s funk using their full band and vintage recording gear.? The tracks sounds authentic for the time yet modern for today, with a bouncy energetic feel- a la Crazibiza.? “Harlem Breakdown” is getting a lot of buzz, with Mixmag declaring it Song Of the Month, and it’s easy to hear why.? It’s full-on classic disco, produced masterfully.? It sounds real and full and vibrant – something you just can’t get from plugins.??? The manic energy from their previous releases is channeled into pure creative artistry.? For club consumption, Mark One (Texas) and Rocoe (Reset!) keep the disco vibe full and center and add a bit of house to the proceedings.?? There is also a harder version of “Girls Like Disco” call “Boys Like Bass,” which the more electro-minded will call their own.? As always with the Young Punx, the visual presentations add a unique spin, with “Girls Like Disco” capturing middle-aged Chinese women line dancing and “Harlem Breakdown” bringing back their long-time collaborator, the beloved cartoonist Han Hoogerbrugge, whose creativity never ceases to blow our collective minds.

Image Courtesy of MofoHifi Records.