SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY Pt 2): Scooter ft Wiz Khalifa – Bigroom Blitz

From jumping the rock to jumping the shark… Scooter have never been known to be cutting edge, progressive, or credible- but with their latest single “Bigroom Blitz,” they seem to have veered into comedy and satire.? Known for 140+ BPM jumpstyle and hardstyle sounds with sped-up cartoon voices, samples, and the rap by iconic frontman HP Baaxter, “Blitz” features a slowed-down tempo (well, for them 132 BPM is slowed-down) which might be their way of embracing the festival sound or possibly the effect of collaborating with Wiz Khalifa, a celebrated endorser of the pot lifestyle and slowing the roll.?? Wiz accurately describes the cultural contrasts with the line “they poppin’ pills, I’m rollin’ weed.”? This by no means is meant to be a serious record – it is a fun party record as evidenced by the video featuring colorfully and skimpily-dressed females working out on trampolines.? Though not a new concept for an EDM video, the real creativity comes when a megaphone covering a breast is removed to reveal Wiz’s mouth rapping lyrics instead of the expected nipple.?? So let’s put this thought in your head, as the phrase “itz itz it’s the big room blitz” worms its way into your subconscious, which rapper or singer’s mouth would you want to have in place of your left nipple?

Image Courtesy of Kontor.