SONG OF THE DAY: Marletron – World Is Yours

Following the path of rocktronica goddess Jes, singer Marletron steps behind the decks to produce and DJ as well. Previously known as Velvet Code, singer Marlon Wurmitzer crafted catchy electropop songs like “Get Outta My House” and “Say You Love Me,” which blended rock and industrial with an Adam Lambert kind of vibe. With “The World Is Yours,” the sound is progressive house with uplifting inspirational lyrics, like what you would expect from Markus Schulz or Armin van Buuren on of their crossover radio hits. For clubland, the Futuristic Polar Bears ups the energy a bit for the big rooms while Nathan C roughens it up with chainsaw-styled electro for a harder edge. The always reliable Morlando injects a different kind of NRG for the hands-in-the-air commercial clubs. Adding live vocal performances while DJing might be that extra step that takes Marletron up to that next level of success his talent deserves.

Image courtesy of Partyclasher Entertainment.

SONG OF THE DAY: Ghost Beach – “Miracle”

As genres and influences merge and mutate, some truly interesting hybrids emerge. ‘Tropical grit pop’ – ok, let’s try to wrap our heads around the label that NYC band Ghost Beach has claimed. Their single “Miracle” does have a bit of the Hawaiian summer vibe in the background, with a groovy melody that could inspire some hula movement. The vocals add the grit with a touch of the Imagine Dragons/Capital Cities influence, and effected like it’s coming through megaphone. Pop is clearly short for synth-pop as there is as much Flock of Seagulls in there as there is Men at Work. It also helps that the chorus is quite catchy. DJs looking for a stadium house/Avicii-esque take will be quite satiated with the remix by Nathan C.

Image Courtesy of Nettwerk.