SONG OF THE DAY: Velvet Code – “Get Outta My House”

With the sheer volume of electro crossing over and the rising trend of retrotechno, I’ve been waiting for someone to delve further and bring back industrial.? Though he calls it ‘bitchpop,” Canadian-born club kid Velvet Code has unknowingly channelled the vibe of Front 242 on the bridges for his new single “Get Outta My House.”? The story of psychotic love affairs make for a perfect club/pop record, and the aggressive electro beat fits perfectly. The video is even more frenetic, with human Barbie dolls acting out courtship and violent revenge fantasies. The eye-make up makes them look like live action anime characters. Giving someone a hand has a whole new meaning after watching the clip.? DJs, watch out for remixes by Mark Loverush & Timothy Allan and the Wideboys to play in your primetime sets.

Image Courtesy of Party Clasher Records.