SONG OF THE DAY:? Boss Axis – “Tranquilla”

German producers Thomas Knoll and Marcel Florschutz are known, respectively, for progressive and minimal house.? Yet when they work together as Boss Axis, their sound is smooth, melodic house with a tropical feel.? Take a listen to “Tranquilla” and it will transport you to a chill poolside lounge or groovy beach party with its mellow feel, Spanish guitars, and shuffling beats. This isn’t a hands-in-air big room party jam, it’s sexy, classy house with a tea dance vibe.? The only thing missing is a cocktail in your hand and maybe a topline by a soulful singer whispering seductive lines to entice you to shimmy.

Image Courtesy of Armada.

Boss Axis – “Tranquilla”

SONG OF THE DAY: Ghost Beach – “Miracle”

As genres and influences merge and mutate, some truly interesting hybrids emerge. ‘Tropical grit pop’ – ok, let’s try to wrap our heads around the label that NYC band Ghost Beach has claimed. Their single “Miracle” does have a bit of the Hawaiian summer vibe in the background, with a groovy melody that could inspire some hula movement. The vocals add the grit with a touch of the Imagine Dragons/Capital Cities influence, and effected like it’s coming through megaphone. Pop is clearly short for synth-pop as there is as much Flock of Seagulls in there as there is Men at Work. It also helps that the chorus is quite catchy. DJs looking for a stadium house/Avicii-esque take will be quite satiated with the remix by Nathan C.

Image Courtesy of Nettwerk.