SONG OF THE DAY: Zoe Badwi – “Torches”

Welcome to Pride 2013 – at least in Australia. ?Then again with the happy, bright, and fabulous Zoe Badwi on vocals, the dance?aficionados Denzal Park on the tables, can you really limit a track like this to one country? ?Badwi sings proud lyrics like “Fire up your torches/ Raise up all your voices”, sounding very similar to fellow Aussie and gay fave Kylie Minogue and her feel good track, “All the Lovers”. Thanks to Neon Records for throwing up samples of all the remixes, so you can choose JUST what will accompany your freak flag flying this year. ?We can’t choose between Mystery Blonde and the Coldplay-esque Marcus Santoro remix. ?Which is your favorite??

Image Courtesy of Neon Records.

SONG OF THE DAY: Tegan and Sara – “Closer”

Just like fellow Canadians Dragonette, indie-rock duo Tegan and Sara seem to be going more electronic with each successive release. Working with Tiesto, Morgan Page, and David Guetta & Alesso as well as embracing remixes of their own songs, the identical twins are finding that EDM fans love their catchy, intelligently-written (and sometimes quirky) pop songs as well. “Closer” is a rock-flavored, energetic electropop song with influences of dubstep and stadium house in its original production. The sing-along chorus and “oh-oh-oh” chant are just two of the many catchy elements. Working with Greg Kurstin, a member of the group The Bird & the Bee (who has produced hits for Kylie Minogue and Kelly Clarkson), Tegan and Sara have managed to seamlessly blend indie dance rock and electronic pop into something cool and credible that is also insanely radio-friendly. While there is no doubt that a full slate of remixes will be forthcoming, the one to reach for is the epic-feeling Sultan and Ned Shepard rerub. Keeping the full vocals intact, the dynamic levels shift from a very pretty and euphoric verse which builds to a massively intense chorus. Even with the dropouts, the energy is constant as the emotion of the lyrics come through loud and clear. Like the original production, the remix is cool and edgy while being both club-friendly and commercial at the same time. Also like the original version, their remix is so strong that an edit of it would sound equally amazing on the radio.

Image courtesy of Warner.

SONG OF THE DAY: Manufactured Superstars ft Luciana – “Calling All The Lovers”

Luciana’s raspy vocal chants and raps lift aggressive electro tracks to a higher level, what with tracks like “I Like That,” “Yeah Yeah,” and “I’m Still Hot” shining as some of the biggest club anthems of the past few years. But can she really sing?? Under the pseudonym Isha Coco, she sang “Figure It Out” with Dave Aude and topped the club chart – which pretty much answered that question.? As her current single with Dave Aude “Something for the Weekend” flies up the chart, here comes “Calling All the Lovers,” an energetic stadium house track with a touch of aggressive electro.? Produced by the Manufactured Superstars, Luciana harnesses the best of both sounds, alternating between a prettily-sung verse and a hybrid talk/sing chorus (reminiscent of her big electro hits). The “oh oh oh”chant is quite perfect for big crowds as well.? With such well-written pop? lyrics, it makes you wonder if “Calling All the Lovers” was written in the sessions she did for Kylie Minogue, but she decided to keep for herself.

Image Courtesy of Big Beat.