SONG OF THE DAY: Manufactured Superstars ft Luciana – “Calling All The Lovers”

Luciana’s raspy vocal chants and raps lift aggressive electro tracks to a higher level, what with tracks like “I Like That,” “Yeah Yeah,” and “I’m Still Hot” shining as some of the biggest club anthems of the past few years. But can she really sing?? Under the pseudonym Isha Coco, she sang “Figure It Out” with Dave Aude and topped the club chart – which pretty much answered that question.? As her current single with Dave Aude “Something for the Weekend” flies up the chart, here comes “Calling All the Lovers,” an energetic stadium house track with a touch of aggressive electro.? Produced by the Manufactured Superstars, Luciana harnesses the best of both sounds, alternating between a prettily-sung verse and a hybrid talk/sing chorus (reminiscent of her big electro hits). The “oh oh oh”chant is quite perfect for big crowds as well.? With such well-written pop? lyrics, it makes you wonder if “Calling All the Lovers” was written in the sessions she did for Kylie Minogue, but she decided to keep for herself.

Image Courtesy of Big Beat.