SONG OF THE DAY: M’Black – “Crush”

Though the YouTube page says M-Black is back, Israeli producer Matt Schwarz has been quite busy since his last single “Heartbreak” topped the US dance airplay chart back in 2010: producing “Timebomb” for Kylie and releasing projects under his other pseudonym, Dada. As much as “Heartbreak” was a grower of a record, the new single “Crush” is an instant love on first listen. The subtle production of the intro puts the spotlight on vocalist Nicol, who sounds quite incredible. And as soon as it crescendoes into the chorus with “you save me only to crush me,” the energy is full throttle but not in a cheesy way. For such an obvious dance pop record, it maintains a cool, progressive vibe that will guarantee much love from dance radio. For the clubs, there is a mix for just about every genre – electro (Dada), dubstep-ish (Bar9), and euphoric (Alistair Albrecht & Bellatrax). As its release is so late in 2012, watch for “Crush” to last well into 2013 and possibly be one of the big peoples’ favorites of WMC.

Image Courtesy of Robbins/Destined.

SONG OF THE DAY: Kylie Minogue “Timebomb”

Is it possible that new Kylie material could be better than what she provided on Aphrodite? If “Timebomb” is any indication, then YES! Aggressive electronica paired with Kylie’s distinctive and entertaining voice gives her the type of follow up to “Get Out Of My Way” that she’s gonna need. Watch out Madonna, Kylie’s got the pop that’s gonna make the masses fall in love, without reminding us of her name, at that! Expect this track to serve as the lead to Kylie’s upcoming Best Of Kylie Minogue compilation. Who’s gonna step up and take this track to the floor?

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