INTERVIEW: Walden (2013)

At 19, Walden has already remixed superstars like Mika and Estelle.??Having started with Acid Pro at 12, his love of producing music isn?t just an overnight thrill.??His productions range from electro and banging to ambient and vibey ? and have gained him support from big names like Tiesto, Roger Sanchez, and Morgan Page.???Actually, Morgan Page is such a supporter that he invited Walden to join him on the forthcoming 3D US bus tour.????Coming from Sydney, Australia, the rising producer/DJ seems to have a long and successful career on his horizon.

Ron Slomowicz: Let?s start by going back a bit, the first time I heard about you was when you mixed Zoe Badwi?s ?Accidents Happen,? how did that mix come about?
Walden: After I got in contact with Atlantic they put me with a record label over here that they worked closely with called Neon Records. After I met them we got hooked up doing the mix. Continue reading INTERVIEW: Walden (2013)

SONG OF THE DAY: Denzal Park ft Eyelar – “Look Back”

The lines between progressive and pop continue to erode as producers are working with singer/songwriters to add quality vocals.? Australian duo Denzal Park have straddled the line, remixing both commercial vocal artists (Kylie, Zoe Badwi, Wynter Gordon) and club-oriented producers (MYNC, EDC, and Rank 1). Listening to “Look Back,” you can hear the influences of both styles.? The straightahead progressive/stadium house track is elevated by the vocals of Eyelar (winner of the Dutch version of The Voice). It might take a few listens, but the melody will definitely grow on you.? “Look Back” is one of those songs that will sound as good on the radio as it does in the club.

Image Courtesy of Trice.

SONG OF THE DAY: Zoe Badwi – “Torches”

Welcome to Pride 2013 – at least in Australia. ?Then again with the happy, bright, and fabulous Zoe Badwi on vocals, the dance?aficionados Denzal Park on the tables, can you really limit a track like this to one country? ?Badwi sings proud lyrics like “Fire up your torches/ Raise up all your voices”, sounding very similar to fellow Aussie and gay fave Kylie Minogue and her feel good track, “All the Lovers”. Thanks to Neon Records for throwing up samples of all the remixes, so you can choose JUST what will accompany your freak flag flying this year. ?We can’t choose between Mystery Blonde and the Coldplay-esque Marcus Santoro remix. ?Which is your favorite??

Image Courtesy of Neon Records.