SONG OF THE DAY: Katrina – “OPM (Other People’s Money)”

Here’s the definition of a sleeper record. As a Billboard reporter, I got serviced with this track about a month ago and played it a few times yet it didn’t really hit me. I had one of my podcasts playing in the background and I started singing along to a chorus and before I realized it, I was in love with “Other People’s Money.” While not new to the music world (she was on Star Search which is hard to believe since she looks like she is barely 20-something), Katrina makes her debut in clubland with this playful little pop diddy. It’s a pure party song, imagine Ke$ha without the need for disinfectant afterwards and you got the idea. The Dave Aude remix takes center stage with his hands-in-the-air yet modern girl twirl feel. Escape brings a harder tribal beat while the Fruitbat contributes what is probably the most melodic dubstep (is that an oxymoron?) mix I have yet to hear. The video is also quite fun with Katrina and her girls (The Black Kats) invading the homes of millionaire playboys and have their own kind of fun. With a fun song like this, she can play with my money anytime.

Image Courtesy of Red Red Music.