SONG OF THE DAY: The Presets – “Fall”

The Presets have always had a dark tone to their music – with their first two albums blending ’80s new wave and rock with industrial and the piercing voice of singer Julian Hamilton.? The new single keeps that dark tone but contrasts it with a pretty, almost perky, ’90s synth groove feeling like 808 State as interpreted by Hot Chip or Empire of the Sun with a touch of atypical stadium. As a love song, it borders on emo (if not hipster) with the lines about finding heaven while falling into hell.? Dramatic, cinematic, and yes, again reminiscent of fellow Aussies Empire of the Sun.? Or maybe I just have Empire of the Sun on my brain because of the incessant YouTube ads.? Of the various remixes by Alan Braxe, Erick Rincon, SymbolOne, and Tomas Barfod, the energetic progressive electro mix by Hook N Sling stands out as being the perfect blend of aggressive and pretty. The video is spooky and angelic at the same time with guys sky jumping from a plane while either wearing masks or keeping their faces completely motionless through the whole experience.

Image Courtesy of Modular.

SONG OF THE DAY: NERVO & Hook N Sling – “Reason”

Aussie EDM producers/DJs/artists/sisters Nervo have had an amazing year thanks to some incredible collaborations – “You’re Gonna Love Again” with Avicii, and “Something to Believe In” with Norman Doray.? Since “Reason,” their track with Hook N Sling, was released back in September on Spinnin Records – it has been gaining quite a buzz.? The big room stadium house track is the perfect mix of progressive-sounding club beats and aggressive electro noises, with a measured dose of meaningful pop lyrics.? The breakdown in the middle is quite gorgeous with the gradual keyboard build into the drum fill leading to an explosion of energy. It’s also quite refreshing to see the focus of the song is on the strong original remix, rather than a large set of remixes which have little to do with the original song.? The only negative is the video treatment which showcases three random girls on a crime and party spree.? Yeah, there is probably some allusion to the song’s meaning in there somewhere, but the emotional nature of the lyrics would be much better translated via a performance by Olivia and Mim.? I mean, come on, when you are gorgeous Covergirl models, why waste video time on unrelated girls?

Image Courtesy of Big Beat/Spinnin.