SONG OF THE DAY: Aly & Fila with Jaren – For All Time

High energy trance at 140 BPM; yes, this is the Future Sound of Egypt.? Aly & Fila preview their forthcoming artist album with the title track “For All Time.”? It is aggressive and massive while possessing a pretty softness thanks to the vocal performance of Jaren.? There’s a reason why all the big producers work with Jaren (Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin): she has a pretty voice that sounds great on trance records, yet there’s a dimension of blue-eyed soul that probably comes from either a folk or country background.? You can imagine the dancefloor swaying and singing along during the acapella break.? For those who are “afraid of 138,”? the Avenue One Mix slows down the tempo to 130 bpm and gives the track a Zedd-like electropop feel.? Awaiting the release of the album, we wonder how amazing it would sound if Jaren did a topline for Aly & Fila’s FSOE 250 Anthem “Sand Theme.”? Hey, it could happen…

Image Courtesy of Future Sound of Egypt / Armada.

SONG OF THE DAY: Bjorn Akesson – “Slam”

In this ADHD world we live in, a track can’t just be the same for six minutes. Swedish producer Akesson realizes this, and his new track “Slam” is almost a medley of vignettes with diverse sounds blending together. There’s Garrix-ish reverbed bass, a nod to the fly noises of classic Timo Maas, dirty glitch, and more- all over a pumping tech beat. If we were doing a late night infomercial, the tagline could be “it’s three songs in one.” Masterful production makes it a seamless flow and yet another big room monster from Bjorn. Be sure to check out the “Sand Theme” track they did with Aly and Fila as well.

Image Courtesy of Future Sounds of Egypt.

Bjorn Akesson – “Slam”

SONG OF THE DAY: Aly and Fila ft Sue Mclaren – “Mysteries Unfold (Uplifiting Mix)”

Sometimes it really is all about the remix.? Egyptian trance duo Aly & Fila are set to release their Quiet Storm album, which has been preceded by the grungy/alternative rock-feeling “Running Out of Time,” featuring the vocals of Chris Jones.? Going in the opposite direction, “Mysteries Unfold” is pretty, almost soothing trance aimed for the swaying end-of-night feel.? Sue Mclaren’s vocals are lush and flowing, with a slight husky tone, grooving like a lullaby on edge.? On first listen, it sounds good and will work well in a club set and on the radio, but there is something missing.? Then comes the Uplifting mix and all bets are off. Wow, the energy and BPM are increased exponentially, with a powerful kick loop reminiscent of Tiesto “Flight 643” (or for the euro/hardcore fans – the infamous CYT Remix of Erika “I Don’t Know”). A seemingly random male robotic voice adds some dissonance, giving it a bit of added quirk.? Sue’s vocals sound completely different – while still pretty, they are more powerful and anthemic (like one of Sarah McLachlan’s better electronic remixes). ? With the new album coming, let’s hope they follow this inspiration and do a remix album of Uplifting mixes.? That would be a clubslayer.

Images courtesy of Future Sounds of Egypt/Armada.

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