SONG OF THE DAY: Aly & Fila ft Chris Jones – “Running Out of Time”

If there’s one common theme for 2013, it seems to be the ’90s revival. Over the past few months, tracks inspired by (and even sounding like) ’90s techno, europop, and underground house have made their way into clubland. Leave it to Egyptian trance duo Aly & Fila to follow a different muse- Seattle-based grunge/alternative rock. Imagine Pearl Jam doing stadium house and you got the basic idea of “Running Out of Time.” Enlisting British vocalist Chris Jones adds grit and texture to the dark and driving track. Is that real guitar I hear? Are those tape rewind transitions inspired by the infamous Kicks Like a Mule mix of Awesome 3 “Don’t Go?” One thing for sure, this track is a departure for the trance duo as it sounds unlike anything they’ve done in the past. As the lead track to their forthcoming artist album, it sets the course for some unique future sounds.