SONG OF THE DAY: Matt Cerf and Ost & Meyer ft Fenja – Like We Love

In the midst of all these songs about sunshine (Western Disco “The Sun,” The Magician “Sunlight”), here comes a song about saying goodbye to sunshine.? “Like We Love” is a song about the end of the summer sung by Fenja (who should sound familiar from the recent Andy Moor & Lange track “Top of the World,” or from her records under the name of Jaren). The track is a hybrid of three sounds – the deep/progressive sound that is starting to go pop (like the previously mentioned Sunlight), the stadium house sound (a hint, but not too much to dominate), and the reemerging Hi-NRG trance/pop sound of the late ’90s.? All of the elements work together for a melodic, pretty, and chilled out song great for an end of night mellowing or a Sunday afternoon tea dance.??Club-friendly remixes are forthcoming, with Avenue One amping the progressive trance sound while Joshi slows it down further and goes for a deep house vibe.

Image courtesy of Enhanced Recordings.

SONG OF THE DAY: Aly & Fila with Jaren – For All Time

High energy trance at 140 BPM; yes, this is the Future Sound of Egypt.? Aly & Fila preview their forthcoming artist album with the title track “For All Time.”? It is aggressive and massive while possessing a pretty softness thanks to the vocal performance of Jaren.? There’s a reason why all the big producers work with Jaren (Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin): she has a pretty voice that sounds great on trance records, yet there’s a dimension of blue-eyed soul that probably comes from either a folk or country background.? You can imagine the dancefloor swaying and singing along during the acapella break.? For those who are “afraid of 138,”? the Avenue One Mix slows down the tempo to 130 bpm and gives the track a Zedd-like electropop feel.? Awaiting the release of the album, we wonder how amazing it would sound if Jaren did a topline for Aly & Fila’s FSOE 250 Anthem “Sand Theme.”? Hey, it could happen…

Image Courtesy of Future Sound of Egypt / Armada.