SONG OF THE DAY: Trevor Simpson ft Keznamdi – Watching You

When different genres collide, interesting collaboration arise. Listening to Keznamdi’s music, you hear his Jamaican/reggae roots as he sings over guitar-based tracks. This vibe, combined with the commercial electro sounds of respected mixshow DJ/producer Trevor Simpson makes “Watching You” stand out from the rest. The uplifting lyrics about a higher spirit watching and encouraging you to be a good person is a pleasant change from the party-centered focus of most EDM tracks. After a set of tracks about bouncing, this kind of thoughtful inspiration is a pleasant change. The original version is electro, with the Jamie Stewart and Pink Panda mixes making it even more festival-friendly. Drum and bass heads will rejoice for the slamming Lokey Crash interpretation. Eddie Amador embraces an old school house vibe, channeling Brothers in Rhythm and taking you on a journey – either short for 9 minutes or long for 11 minutes. Peter Brown splits the difference with an old school bassline buoyed by modern production. While not the most club-friendly interpretation, the beloved tiara girl Julissa Veloz explores lounge, piano house, live drums, and different synth lines for a creative mix unlike anything we’ve heard in a long time. All-in-all, it’s a solid set of diverse remixes that translate a creative collaboration to a variety of dance floors.

Image courtesy of Carrillo music.