SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY):? Luminites – “Bring It”

Imagine if Dacav were British.? Close, but no, it’s more like if Hyper Crush and Dev formed a group but with British accents.? That’s probably the best description for the British foursome?Luminites.? “Bring It” shows their fun-loving, playful side with a mix of big room beats, electro, glitch, breakbeats, playful rhymes, and catchy “la la la” hooks.? Actually, that “la la la” hook was an earworm for pretty much the whole week and it got to the point where I started singing other lyrics along with it.? It took a day or so to realize that the girl solo part is reminiscent of “Get Busy” by Bassmonkeys & Bianca Lindgren.? I am not saying a sample, but if some enterprising DJ wanted to do a mashup of the two songs – it wouldn’t be a challenge.? Filled with fun boasts, an invitation to the party, and new slang (“Sumfink”), “Bring It” is a fun track that bridges hip-hop and dance.? The accompanying lower budget video is a great introduction to the group’s personality.? The only complaint is the inclusion of the “budget” hoochie glirls dancing who were filmed with a lower quality film stock, which makes the dancers and the group seem cheap as well in relation.? Removing those parts would be a benefit to the video and give you more time to feature the pretty (and pretty voiced) singer that is part of the group.? The Luminites have their best chance for chart success in the UK, because unfortunately here in the states, we have failed to embrace any of the British dance rappers – Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Example.? That, of course, is a shame because I know the Luminites came over here to perform, they would totally bring it.

Image Courtesy of ZGG Music.


Clubkid pranksters DaCav are back with “NaNaNa,” a chant-driven party-ready track that might just get stuck in your head. They return with one less guy in the mix which explains the 5 excised from ?dacav5.? The remaining members develop more into archetypes of aspiring dj, street mc, muscle head and hot chick while aiming to poke fun at themselves along the way. Imagine the offspring of Black Eyed Peas and LMFAO by way of the Jersey Shore for a frame of reference. Blending varying elements of electro beats, ragga toasting, “Din Daa Da”-esque stuttered chants, sirens, and sexy female vocals, a song is created that is better than the sum of its parts. The video further reinforces the fact that DaCav are all about having a good time and don’t take themselves too seriously. They definitely aren’t afraid to experiment with any fetish out there: chains, plashes, trannies, musclemen, snakes and more. I personally would love to locate the computer speakers that emit such an overpowering volume of sound in the video that cause harm to the elderly. Equipped with last summer’s club hit “Dirty Style,” Sexy Body (featuring the Jump Smokers) and “Na Na Na,” DaCav’s new EP Party Mode is definitely worth checking out.

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SONG OF THE DAY: DaCav5 – “Dirty Style”

A wise man once said that when you remix a song for the clubs, you go after three markets – Europe, gay clubs and the Jersey shore. Listening to the debut from DaCav5, its an easy bet that they got the Jersey shore market covered completely. The electropop club banger is everything you would expect for a night of energetic fist-pumping. Dirty dutch-styled beats a la Afrojack or Sidney Samson, check. Multiracial trio of rappers flowing playfully about their exploits, check. Sexy, yet subdued girl cooing the chorus, check. Video with scantily clad vixens, bulging pecs, dancing dwarf and beer helmet cam, check. Everything is in place and ready to go for their special cameo appearance on the next season of MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore.’ They could totally follow the lead of what Lucas Prata achieved with ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen.’

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