SONG OF THE DAY: Scott Binder ft Melakai – “Good Time Tonight”

Some pairings just work well together. The Banger Bros teamed up with Melakai a few years ago, and the resulting “Beep Beep Boom” buzzed from the underground to dance radio. Keeping the vibe, Banger Brother Scott Binder has reunited with Melakai to create “Good Time Tonight,” effectively a modern electro take of the classic Kool & the Gang “Celebration.” Well, it’s not exactly a cover or a sample, but the way the title is sung is so similar to the disco classic, and the word “disco” is repeated throughout, it can hardly be a coincidence. The beats are electro and energetic, with Melakai keeping the same tone as “Beep Beep Boom” – playful, fun, and sexy with a bit of an edge – kind of like Dev before she got too serious. There mixes from Damon Daniel, SpekrFreks, and Banger Bros are all different electro interpretations, adding everything from rave, video game noises, glitch, and feedback to give it a different flavor. The Hoxton Whores mix goes in a more bouncy house direction with a touch of the retro feel- imagine if Crazibiza channeled the ’90s to get an idea. “Good Time Tonight” is a fun, strong release perfectly suited for the club, a girls’ night out, or even possibly the radio.

Image Courtesy of Golden Needle.

Scott Binder ft Melakai – “Good Time Tonight”

SONG OF THE DAY: Static Revenger ft Kay – “Back Off, Bitch!”

Yeah, there are feminist spoofs of “Blurred Lines,” but we could really use a new tough-talking chick with some brains to back it up. Introduce yourself to Kay, a/k/a My Name is Kay. Imagine the tough swagger of “Booty Bounce”-era Dev, the vocal punch of Luciana, and the over-the-top EFX of Ke$ha and you have an idea. Following the aggressive electro beats of Static Revenger, Kay flows rough and smooth over the changing tempo – going double-time and slowing down to show her range. Even more impressive is her modern take on feminism, in this hip-hop dominated world where women are often portrayed as strippers to make a dollar, her line is “Rubber bands ain’t sh*t to me.” Listening closely to the lyrics, you can tell that she follows her motto to “Say What You Want.” Kind of refreshing, ain’t it… If you are one of the many millions who made Static Revenger’s collab with Richard Vission and Luciana “I Like That” their ringtone, here’s another one for you. I can already see the drag queens fighting to perform this at clubs around the country.

Image courtesy of Dim Mak.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY):? Luminites – “Bring It”

Imagine if Dacav were British.? Close, but no, it’s more like if Hyper Crush and Dev formed a group but with British accents.? That’s probably the best description for the British foursome?Luminites.? “Bring It” shows their fun-loving, playful side with a mix of big room beats, electro, glitch, breakbeats, playful rhymes, and catchy “la la la” hooks.? Actually, that “la la la” hook was an earworm for pretty much the whole week and it got to the point where I started singing other lyrics along with it.? It took a day or so to realize that the girl solo part is reminiscent of “Get Busy” by Bassmonkeys & Bianca Lindgren.? I am not saying a sample, but if some enterprising DJ wanted to do a mashup of the two songs – it wouldn’t be a challenge.? Filled with fun boasts, an invitation to the party, and new slang (“Sumfink”), “Bring It” is a fun track that bridges hip-hop and dance.? The accompanying lower budget video is a great introduction to the group’s personality.? The only complaint is the inclusion of the “budget” hoochie glirls dancing who were filmed with a lower quality film stock, which makes the dancers and the group seem cheap as well in relation.? Removing those parts would be a benefit to the video and give you more time to feature the pretty (and pretty voiced) singer that is part of the group.? The Luminites have their best chance for chart success in the UK, because unfortunately here in the states, we have failed to embrace any of the British dance rappers – Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Example.? That, of course, is a shame because I know the Luminites came over here to perform, they would totally bring it.

Image Courtesy of ZGG Music.