SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY)? Cheryl Cole ft Tinie Tempah – “Crazy Stupid Love”

Ok, I will admit it.? As underground and cool as I try to pretend to be, I am such a sucker for UK chart pop.? Just about any girl group they assemble across the pond, if they do the right remix, it will be in my club sets.? So, yeah, I love The Saturdays, Little Mix, and of course Girls Aloud.? When Cheryl Cole took a break from Girls Aloud and went solo with her Kelis “Lil’ Star”-sampling “Fight For This Love,” I became a huge fan and have played just about every single since (“Parachute,” “Call My Name,” “Promise This,” “Under the Sun”). ?Back with her fourth album, Cheryl is getting even popper with “Crazy Stupid Love.”? There’s that horn part which is just infectious (giving Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty To Me” a run for the money), and the “la la la” hook over the jig-dancing staccato/handclap beat, the key change for the chorus, and that oh-so-cute off-beat spoken title line.??? The rap by Tinie Tempah is also quite good, bringing in calls for both a whistle and a wiggle while describing the official love.? The funny thing is that when he repeats “official” it sounds like he is saying “real fish,” which to fans of drag queens means something completely different.??? Steve Smart & Westfunk turn out a solid electro mix which keeps the pop vibe and hooks, but toughens it up for commercial club play.? What makes this perfect for Sunday Funday (aside from it being a girl twirl pop song from Cheryl Cole) is how the video looks so dark and underground that it comes off like satire or camp.? Watching her hump the table while wearing harem paints and a face beat with more make up than a drag queen will definitely put a smile on your face.

Image Courtesy of Fascination/Polydor.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY):? Natalia Lesz – “That Girl”

On first listen to her last single “Beat Of My Heart,” we were instantly enamored of the slickly-produced europop of Polish pop tart Natalia Lesz.? With her new single “That Girl,” she moves from channelling ’80s Hi-NRG to embracing the current progressive sounds and adding her catchy pop lyrics on top.? It’s as if she is channeling Kylie and Nicola Roberts, with a touch of Modjo’s retro groove, while one of the Coldharbour guys are doing the production. Deciphering the lyrics can go one of two ways – either self love (as both leads in the video are played by Natalia) or it’s the catchiest dance pop ode to lesbian love since Amna’s “She Bangs.”? While it might be crass to make the assumption based on her last name, the latter interpretation seems to be the most logical.?

Image Courtesy of EMI Poland.

SONG OF THE DAY: Cheryl Cole – “Call My Name”

Cheryl Cole and Calvin Harris, what sweet music you make together. Despite that “Call My Name” comes across as a little generic, given the mass amounts of dance music out there, there’s still something undeniably catchy about the track. Harris’ signature production teamed up with Cole’s pop knowhow provide a kind of one-two punch that makes singing along to this track on the first listen both easy and gratifying. When we saw the remix named Royal T Back to 99, we thought it might be a play on the “James Brown is Dead”-sampling “Baby Don’t Cha Leave Me This Way.” Instead it’s a quite pleasing and unique fusion of 2-step garage and dubstep. Both the mixes by Richard Vission and Wideboys are in the aggressive dirty dutch electro style. Richard’s mix is relentless and slightly similar to his banging single with Luciana “When It Feels This Good.” The Wideboys stay true to the original, adding their current sound and a speed-up to silence effect (reminiscent of Moby’s “Thousand”) which sounds insane on a dancefloor. The video is a glorious mumbling of mixed influences – a Marquis de Sade quote, stuttered story intro where she roams through the sewers, allusions to Grease and unabashed 80s styling of flourescent clothing and harem/hammer pants. We Americans really lost out on her lovable madness when she left the judging panel of X Factor. Watching the video makes us wonder if she would have given us the missing Paula Abdul-esque feel. “Call My Name” is the lead single from Cole’s upcoming album, A Million Lights, due out later this month. Is this what we can expect, or a sleight of hand to distract us from even better material to come? Only time can tell but you can bet your britches we are going to be all over this one.
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