SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY):? Natalia Lesz – “That Girl”

On first listen to her last single “Beat Of My Heart,” we were instantly enamored of the slickly-produced europop of Polish pop tart Natalia Lesz.? With her new single “That Girl,” she moves from channelling ’80s Hi-NRG to embracing the current progressive sounds and adding her catchy pop lyrics on top.? It’s as if she is channeling Kylie and Nicola Roberts, with a touch of Modjo’s retro groove, while one of the Coldharbour guys are doing the production. Deciphering the lyrics can go one of two ways – either self love (as both leads in the video are played by Natalia) or it’s the catchiest dance pop ode to lesbian love since Amna’s “She Bangs.”? While it might be crass to make the assumption based on her last name, the latter interpretation seems to be the most logical.?

Image Courtesy of EMI Poland.

SONG OF THE DAY: Natalia Lesz – “Beat Of My Heart”

If you are craving some slickly-produced europop, take a listen to “Beat of My Heart” the new single from Polish pop tart Natalia Lesz.? Similar in sound to fellow eastern europeans t.A.T.u., the production is so slick and melodic that it could have been produced by Trevor Horn. There are so many classic Hi-NRG references in the track – early ’80s synths, hands-in-the-air key changes, smoothed-out effected vocals, repeated lyrics for easy sing-alongs – that you could imagine Stock, Aitken, and Waterman had reunited after being inspired by listening to Kleerup and the prettier remixes of Wawa. Effected almost to the point of a soothing anime character, Natalia still manages to bring warmth and personality to her vocal performance- for which she deserves some kudos.? As for the video, I am completely confused by the Amy Winehouse drag, the male model wearing just as much make-up, and the horrifically violent ending.? Just a warning, if t.A.T.u’s video for “All About Us’ bothered you, then click off the video before the last 12 seconds.

Image Courtesy of EMI.