SONG OF THE DAY: Unknown Artist – “No Price”

There’s been a good bit of buzz on this disco track “No Price” for a few weeks. I’ve held off on mentioning it simply because I can’t confirm the details of the people behind it. Annie Mac started the story by playing it on her BBC Radio 1 show back in March, and it has since been referred to it as a “disco mystery.” The track is full-on classic disco with a hint of modern phasing and electro. The vocals are catchy as heck and the beat is infectious, following the disco revival vibe of records by DJ Cassidy and Robin Thicke. The song has all the makings of a major summer record along the lines of Daft Punk or Duck Sauce. It is confirmed that Dave of Chromeo is the male vocalist, which makes it seem likely that the Oliver duo are behind the production – though it’s also rumored that the producers are really a supergroup, which makes me think that Arthur Baker could be involved. Follow this logic – if you dig online you will find a Deekline & Wizard breaks remix of a North End track called “Can’t Put No Price” which has a similar guitar and vocal sample to “No Price.” North End was the name of a studio project of Arthur Baker (who was also behind Happy Days, sampled by europop act PJ in 1999).
Yeah, it’s a stretch, but you never know. What isn’t in question is that “No Price” is a funky disco pop confection that will be buzzing all summer long at clubs around the world.

Song will be released on New State Records.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

SONG OF THE DAY: Jack Beats – Beat Box

Onomatopoeia as a house record, who knew it would be such a brilliant idea?? Jack Beats, the team of Mixologist Beni G and Scratch Pervert Niall Dailly, have constructed – or deconstructed – the modern house track based on the sounds and the beat.? When you go to a club, it’s the beat that lays the foundation that everyone follows.? Going back to the old school (like with everything else in this nu-house trend), MCs were often accompanied by a beatboxer, someone who created all the sounds with their mouth (rather that a prerecorded track).? “Beatbox” shows these artists respect over a track that is retro Nu-house, with elements of modern electro in there as well, which makes Annie Mac’s support on BBC Radio One no surprise.? The Jack Beats duo has always had a love for mouth sounds; if you go back to their previous release “Somebody to Love,’ you will hear effected robotic mouth sounds used as a hook throughout.? On first listen, don’t be surprised it the first thing that comes to mind is that viral “Boot and Cat.”?? If you are a fan of prankster dance guys using onomatopoeia, be sure to revisit the Discovery Channel loving Bloodhound Gang’s track “Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss.”

Image Courtesy of OWSLA.
Jack Beats – Beat Box

SONG OF THE DAY: Kiesza – Hideaway

Canadian born singer/dance Kiesza makes a sparkling debut with “Hideaway,” a catchy pop interpolation of the NuHouse trend thats been dominating the UK club scene.? It’s a blend of lo-fi synth-pop and classic ’90s house with enough catchy vocal hooks to ingrain itself into your head on first listen.? Imagine Disclosure going back and producing Madonna circa “Everybody” for a reference.? BBC Radio One DJ Annie Mac is championing this record, and the Gorgon City remix is quite amazing (blending their “Ready For Your Love” vibe with a hint of Mr Oizo/”Flat Eric” atonal wah-wah noise), so expect this song to buzz from the indie world all the way up to the mainstream.? Watching the video, you can’t help but fall in love with Kiesza.? It looks like it was shot in one continuous take, and even if it wasn’t, the perfectly-timed choreography is so creative and well-executed that it seems to reference classic videos by Spice Girls (“Wannabe”) and Kylie Minogue (“Love At First Sight”). After watching the video, check out the live performance clip from McClusky’s where she dances and sings, bringing that ’90s hip-house vibe to the kids of today.?? Somewhere in Berlin, I can’t help but think Annie is on the phone calling Richard X.

Image Courtesy of Lokal Legend
Kiesza – Hideaway