SONG OF THE DAY: Kiesza – Hideaway

Canadian born singer/dance Kiesza makes a sparkling debut with “Hideaway,” a catchy pop interpolation of the NuHouse trend thats been dominating the UK club scene.? It’s a blend of lo-fi synth-pop and classic ’90s house with enough catchy vocal hooks to ingrain itself into your head on first listen.? Imagine Disclosure going back and producing Madonna circa “Everybody” for a reference.? BBC Radio One DJ Annie Mac is championing this record, and the Gorgon City remix is quite amazing (blending their “Ready For Your Love” vibe with a hint of Mr Oizo/”Flat Eric” atonal wah-wah noise), so expect this song to buzz from the indie world all the way up to the mainstream.? Watching the video, you can’t help but fall in love with Kiesza.? It looks like it was shot in one continuous take, and even if it wasn’t, the perfectly-timed choreography is so creative and well-executed that it seems to reference classic videos by Spice Girls (“Wannabe”) and Kylie Minogue (“Love At First Sight”). After watching the video, check out the live performance clip from McClusky’s where she dances and sings, bringing that ’90s hip-house vibe to the kids of today.?? Somewhere in Berlin, I can’t help but think Annie is on the phone calling Richard X.

Image Courtesy of Lokal Legend
Kiesza – Hideaway