SONG OF THE DAY: Jack Beats – Beat Box

Onomatopoeia as a house record, who knew it would be such a brilliant idea?? Jack Beats, the team of Mixologist Beni G and Scratch Pervert Niall Dailly, have constructed – or deconstructed – the modern house track based on the sounds and the beat.? When you go to a club, it’s the beat that lays the foundation that everyone follows.? Going back to the old school (like with everything else in this nu-house trend), MCs were often accompanied by a beatboxer, someone who created all the sounds with their mouth (rather that a prerecorded track).? “Beatbox” shows these artists respect over a track that is retro Nu-house, with elements of modern electro in there as well, which makes Annie Mac’s support on BBC Radio One no surprise.? The Jack Beats duo has always had a love for mouth sounds; if you go back to their previous release “Somebody to Love,’ you will hear effected robotic mouth sounds used as a hook throughout.? On first listen, don’t be surprised it the first thing that comes to mind is that viral “Boot and Cat.”?? If you are a fan of prankster dance guys using onomatopoeia, be sure to revisit the Discovery Channel loving Bloodhound Gang’s track “Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss.”

Image Courtesy of OWSLA.
Jack Beats – Beat Box