SONG OF THE DAY: Koishii & Hush ft John Taylor – “C’est Tout Est Noir”

Modern retro. The ’80s synthpop movement cycles through dance music
regularly, most recently with the NuDisco trend from a few years ago (think
Empire of the Sun). With a fresh take blending the classic sound with
modern electro, Canadian/British duo unleash “C’est Tout Est Noir,” a dark,
moody track that fits just as well on a club dancefloor as it does a
hipster hangout. Enlisting Duran Duran bassist John Taylor was a genius
move as he is a solid link to the ’80s, and his vocal alludes to indie noir
cinema/French films with spoken and sung parts (remember he also sang the
love song ‘I Do What I Do’ for 9 1/2 Weeks). The original version veers a
bit towards a mellow lounge vibe with mixes taking the track electro
(Vettenetter), stadium (Noel Sanger), and big room (Nat Monday). As a
preview to their forthcoming Odyssey album, it looks like Koishii & Hush
have some creative tricks up their dark sleeves.

Image Courtesy of Grammaton.