SONG OF THE DAY: JS16 & Erkka – Girls On Film

The Duran Duran classic gets a fresh update. Finnish producers JS-16 (well known for “Stomp to My Beat” and for working with Darude on the classic “Sandstorm”) and Erkka team up to literally go back to the future. The track is a mix of classic industrial and modern electro, or what Front 242 would be doing if they were working with Knife Party. There’s a hook which sounds like a sample replay of “Welcome to Paradise.” The stuttered synths are the sonic equivalent of a strobe light, probably inspiration by the photography which is the subject of the original song lyrics. With every listen, another element stands out of the brilliantly multilayered production. This is the kind of leftfield track that could end up on a movie soundtrack and end up being an international pop hit.

Image courtesy of Universal.

SONG OF THE DAY: Koishii & Hush ft John Taylor – “C’est Tout Est Noir”

Modern retro. The ’80s synthpop movement cycles through dance music
regularly, most recently with the NuDisco trend from a few years ago (think
Empire of the Sun). With a fresh take blending the classic sound with
modern electro, Canadian/British duo unleash “C’est Tout Est Noir,” a dark,
moody track that fits just as well on a club dancefloor as it does a
hipster hangout. Enlisting Duran Duran bassist John Taylor was a genius
move as he is a solid link to the ’80s, and his vocal alludes to indie noir
cinema/French films with spoken and sung parts (remember he also sang the
love song ‘I Do What I Do’ for 9 1/2 Weeks). The original version veers a
bit towards a mellow lounge vibe with mixes taking the track electro
(Vettenetter), stadium (Noel Sanger), and big room (Nat Monday). As a
preview to their forthcoming Odyssey album, it looks like Koishii & Hush
have some creative tricks up their dark sleeves.

Image Courtesy of Grammaton.