When I first heard “Lies” by BXXX, I instantly referenced Fake Blood’s “All In the Blink” for the ’70s influence.? Rather than being influenced by ’70s pop like The Alan Parsons Project or Toto, “Lies” sound more like a track from a concept album by a ’70s progressive rock band.? This makes sense as BXXX (pronounced Bronx) score films about nightlife.? Starting with a radio DJ intro dedicating the song to lonely girls, the track feels like a cross between the recent Burns single “Lies” and the mellower tracks of deadmau5, with a touch of Madeon.? At just over two minutes, not much commitment is needed and the male vocals extolling the virtues of never sleeping float as a laconic counterpoint the prog rock-influenced, lounge-y electronic grooves.? The NSFW video feels like a modern take of Girls Gone Wild except with hipster/club kid party girls instead of spring breakers. BXXX will be quite an interesting project to watch as it develops.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.