SONG OF THE DAY: Bebe Rexha – I Can’t Stop Drinking About You

By: DJ Ricky Sixx

This is the dubstep pop song that will go all the way. Bebe Rexha is best known as the vocalist with Cash Cash “Take Me Home,” as well as for writing the darkly personal lyrics of “Monster” which became a hit for Eminem and Rihanna. She brings that same intensely personal and confessional tone to “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” when she sings about using alcohol to mentally escape a failing relationship. No, it’s not healthy, but the sheer rawness of her lyrics over the lush intro suck you in until you are slammed in the face with the agressive dubstep beats of the chorus. Her husky yet fragile voice also stands out with a mix of power supported by the pretty tones of the verse. For club consumption, the Jump Smokers mix electro with a bit of trap for an energetic take that matches the duality of the original. Additional mixes go stadium (Chachi), big room (Quintino), rocking electro (Mikael Willis), and dirty trap (Grabbitz). A side note, as great as she sounds on the record, Bebe sounds even more incredible live. Follow her on Twitter and check her out when she performs in your town.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros Music.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Mr Collipark & Meaux Green ft DPK – No Discrimination

The genres continue to collide as hip-hop and EDM merge even further. Mr. Collipark (a/k/a DJ Smurf) is best known for signing Soulja Boy and his massive hits with Ying Yang Twins (“Wait”) and Bubba Sparxx (“Ms. New Booty”). Together with Dim Mak producer Meaux Green, they unleash “No Discrimination,” a full-on party trap anthem made for twerking. Starting with a big old hook that sounds like it was taken from a vintage ’60s soul record is quite a nice way to frame the track. The message of the lyrics makes it more universal – encouraging people from all races to come together. While you might not be thinking of that as you are shaking your ass and sweating at the club, the sentiment is still quite nice. Remixes by Mr Hanky, Basscrooks, and DJ Roonie G will fit any DJ rocking urban-leaning clubs.

SONG OF THE DAY: BLUE EYES – “Who Shot Me? (With Them Lazors)”

So Billy Joel went to a SciFi movie and was inspired to make some dirty trap music.? Actually, since the artist is called Blue Eyes, maybe it could be an Elton John reference… Yes, it’s a far-fetched story, but this track is so humorous and random that I can’t imagine any other way that it could have come to be.? Starting with an old school piano melody (which could have been inspired by a Billy Joel or Elton John classic), a laser sound comes in, leading to the trap beat. The expected trap elements are there (barking noises, on-beat pauses, random vocal drops, and “that” loop). ?What isn’t expected is the effected laser noise (which reads more as birds chirping), the surprisingly well-produced and integrated piano line throughout the track, and the operatic vocal bits. Adding to the humor of the track is the Calvin and Hobbes-style artwork, but there’s also the unofficial version which features Star Wars samples. It’s not often you can describe a track as sexy trap with a SciFi edge…

Image Courtesy of No Ego Records.

BLUE EYES – “Who Shot Me? (With Them Lazors)”