SONG OF THE DAY: BLUE EYES – “Who Shot Me? (With Them Lazors)”

So Billy Joel went to a SciFi movie and was inspired to make some dirty trap music.? Actually, since the artist is called Blue Eyes, maybe it could be an Elton John reference… Yes, it’s a far-fetched story, but this track is so humorous and random that I can’t imagine any other way that it could have come to be.? Starting with an old school piano melody (which could have been inspired by a Billy Joel or Elton John classic), a laser sound comes in, leading to the trap beat. The expected trap elements are there (barking noises, on-beat pauses, random vocal drops, and “that” loop). ?What isn’t expected is the effected laser noise (which reads more as birds chirping), the surprisingly well-produced and integrated piano line throughout the track, and the operatic vocal bits. Adding to the humor of the track is the Calvin and Hobbes-style artwork, but there’s also the unofficial version which features Star Wars samples. It’s not often you can describe a track as sexy trap with a SciFi edge…

Image Courtesy of No Ego Records.

BLUE EYES – “Who Shot Me? (With Them Lazors)”