SONG OF THE DAY: Beltek & Morgan Page – “Captcha”

While great collaborations can occur without direct human interaction (i.e. all online), it seems like the really magical ones occur when people are in the studio together.? A few months ago while on tour, rising Slovenian DJ Beltek stopped in LA and hooked up with Morgan Page in the studio one night.? The resulting composition, “Captcha,” is monstrous.? The power comes not only from intense electro and hard beats, but from a triplet-beat swing rhythm which sounds like it comes from a stadium rock (not stadium house) anthem.? No, it doesn’t sound like a rock track, but the vibe is there and it launches the energy into the stratosphere.? On a big room, like say, Mansion during WMC, the crowd response is massive and a definite highlight of the night. “Captcha” shows the depth and range of Beltek’s production skills as it follows up his recent buzz track “Eric Goes to Disco,” which was inspired by the signature atonal noise of club classic “Flat Eric” by Mr. Oizo.

Image Courtesy of Sneakerz Music.

SONG OF THE DAY: Morgan Page & Nadia Ali – “Carry Me (Remixes)”

Almost a year later, and Morgan Page’s album In the Air continues to spawn strong single releases. On original review, we referred to “Carry Me” as a standout from the album. Deeply melodic and filled with emotional tension, “Carry Me” gives us Page at his most effective, working with a stellar vocalist who knows how to write an excellent dancefloor ballad. That brilliant balance of pretty, pop, and progressive made it the perfect material for club remixes. For the stadium/progressive lovers, Nilson & the 8th Note keep a lot of the original feel and heighten the drama with the vocals laying over a subtle bed which rises to a hands in the air crescendo. If you like it harder or more electro with a touch of glitch, rising Dutch mastermind Dyro turns out a floor filling prime time monster. These two remixes just prove that when you start with such a strong song, the remixes are going to be strong as well.

Image Courtesy of Nettwerk.

SONG OF THE DAY: Tegan and Sara – “Closer”

Just like fellow Canadians Dragonette, indie-rock duo Tegan and Sara seem to be going more electronic with each successive release. Working with Tiesto, Morgan Page, and David Guetta & Alesso as well as embracing remixes of their own songs, the identical twins are finding that EDM fans love their catchy, intelligently-written (and sometimes quirky) pop songs as well. “Closer” is a rock-flavored, energetic electropop song with influences of dubstep and stadium house in its original production. The sing-along chorus and “oh-oh-oh” chant are just two of the many catchy elements. Working with Greg Kurstin, a member of the group The Bird & the Bee (who has produced hits for Kylie Minogue and Kelly Clarkson), Tegan and Sara have managed to seamlessly blend indie dance rock and electronic pop into something cool and credible that is also insanely radio-friendly. While there is no doubt that a full slate of remixes will be forthcoming, the one to reach for is the epic-feeling Sultan and Ned Shepard rerub. Keeping the full vocals intact, the dynamic levels shift from a very pretty and euphoric verse which builds to a massively intense chorus. Even with the dropouts, the energy is constant as the emotion of the lyrics come through loud and clear. Like the original production, the remix is cool and edgy while being both club-friendly and commercial at the same time. Also like the original version, their remix is so strong that an edit of it would sound equally amazing on the radio.

Image courtesy of Warner.