SONG OF THE DAY: Beltek & Morgan Page – “Captcha”

While great collaborations can occur without direct human interaction (i.e. all online), it seems like the really magical ones occur when people are in the studio together.  A few months ago while on tour, rising Slovenian DJ Beltek stopped in LA and hooked up with Morgan Page in the studio one night.  The resulting composition, “Captcha,” is monstrous.  The power comes not only from intense electro and hard beats, but from a triplet-beat swing rhythm which sounds like it comes from a stadium rock (not stadium house) anthem.  No, it doesn’t sound like a rock track, but the vibe is there and it launches the energy into the stratosphere.  On a big room, like say, Mansion during WMC, the crowd response is massive and a definite highlight of the night. “Captcha” shows the depth and range of Beltek’s production skills as it follows up his recent buzz track “Eric Goes to Disco,” which was inspired by the signature atonal noise of club classic “Flat Eric” by Mr. Oizo.

Image Courtesy of Sneakerz Music.