SONG OF THE DAY: Madeon – “Technicolor”?

French producer Madeon is showing maturity way beyond his nineteen years of age.?? His new track “Technicolor” is a modern take on the art/progressive rock concept album – telling a story through tracks of different tempos and genres.? Rather than doing it on two sides of an LP, the journey takes six and a half minutes.? While electrohouse is the primary feel, elements of ambient, guitar rock, white noise, downtempo, glitch, and more segue together, as if it’s a mashup except expertly produced.? While it is definitely electronic, it feels more like listening music than dancing music.? While the track construction definitely tells a story on its own, I can’t help but wonder if it was originally meant to be used for Lady Gaga’s new ‘ARTPOP’ album.? Since they toured together, this track might have been something they collaborated on.? With the “Technicolor” title and the experimental nature, it definitely would make sense. On its own, it’s still quite a strong release from Madeon’s own popcultur collaborative label through Columbia.

Image Courtesy of popcultur/Columbia.

INTERVIEW: The M Machine (2013)

San Francisco-based EDM group The M Machine gained major attention when Skrillex released their debut EP “Promise Me a Rose Garden”/”Glow” on his OWSLA label.? The trio of Andy Coenen, Eric Luttrell, and Ben Swardlick were inspired by the classic movie Metropolis for their follow up EPs and their name.? Their remixes of Arty, Passion Pit, and Madeon gained a lot of attention as well.? The artistic trio are really involved with the full aesthetic experience of their music – focusing on creating a live audio and visual show as they tour.? We caught up with them in Nashville when they were touring with Markus Schulz on the Scream Bus Tour.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: How is the bus tour going?
Ben: We are in a new city every day, it?s great and we are very happy. Markus is awesome and his crowds are really intense which is great for us. Andy just programmed a big video show and we get to use his giant LED screen, so the timing is perfect.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Madeon ft Zak Waters and Cass Lowe – “The City”

Less than two months after dropping the rock-influenced dubstep monster “Finale,” Madeon is back with a completely different sound for “The City.”? The modern disco groove is surely a sign of the influence of his French roots and his twist is the rock vibe that was also heard in “Finale.”? Imagine a collaboration of Chromeo and Cassius and you get the idea.? The crowd chants in the chorus are a nice touch, as are the vocals by Zak Waters and Cass Lowe which add a pop, yet still cool, feel.? It’s as if the 18 year-old is dipping his feet in the commercial pool but not willing to sell out.? “The City” is one of those cool electronic tracks that sounds great in the club right now and will probably end up on radio sometime next year.

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