SONG OF THE DAY: Madeon – “Technicolor”?

French producer Madeon is showing maturity way beyond his nineteen years of age.?? His new track “Technicolor” is a modern take on the art/progressive rock concept album – telling a story through tracks of different tempos and genres.? Rather than doing it on two sides of an LP, the journey takes six and a half minutes.? While electrohouse is the primary feel, elements of ambient, guitar rock, white noise, downtempo, glitch, and more segue together, as if it’s a mashup except expertly produced.? While it is definitely electronic, it feels more like listening music than dancing music.? While the track construction definitely tells a story on its own, I can’t help but wonder if it was originally meant to be used for Lady Gaga’s new ‘ARTPOP’ album.? Since they toured together, this track might have been something they collaborated on.? With the “Technicolor” title and the experimental nature, it definitely would make sense. On its own, it’s still quite a strong release from Madeon’s own popcultur collaborative label through Columbia.

Image Courtesy of popcultur/Columbia.