Notable Dance Podcast #031

The Cube Guys and Prok & Fitch – Don’t Go
Prok & Fitch – Freak Show
Daleri – Hysteria (Original)
Nicky Romero, Sunnery James, Ryan Marciano ft Fast Eddie – Jack to the Sound of the Underground
Jeffer – Guitar Mistake
ATB ft Ramona Nerra – Never Give Up (Stefan Dabruck & Tocadisco)
Stanley Progman – Nothing Matters
Buddygirrl & Chris James – One Moment (Original)
Bauer & Lanford – Leave Me Behind (Kryder)
Maison & Dragen ft Toni Nielson – Immortal Love (Original)
Dash Berlin & Alexander Popov ft Jonathan Mendelsohn – Steal You Away (Giuseppe Ottaviani)
Morten – Look Closer (WeSmile)

SONG OF THE DAY: Giuseppe Ottaviani & Eric Lumiere – “Love Will Bring It All Around”

Remember the classic trance track “Anthem” by Filo & Peri ft Eric Lumiere. It was one of those rare tracks where the production, song, and voice were all superior and combined to be even greater than the sum of their parts. Nearly five years later, “Love Will Bring It All Around” is the long-awaited followup. Yes, Eric Lumiere has done several good records since “Anthem,” but his vocals in the hands of Italian trance producer Giuseppe Ottaviani elevates them to the epic place they deserve.? The track is gorgeous, and on its own would be peak time material for any trance/progressive set.? The warmth of the chords lifts your spirits and give it an accessible feel while not going all the way to cheese.? The vocal production is exceptional and the intonation of the title lyrics bears a slight resemblance to the major vocal hook of “Anthem.”? There is, however, one thing which I must mention here – when did it become essential for the majority of vocals to be placed over an extended dropout in the middle of a track??? Seriously, there is a good two minute stretch here with no beat that will easily clear many floors.? Yes, as DJs our job would be to find a click track/drum loops to play behind it, but the overabundance of these big room vocal tracks with massive dropouts is getting tiresome – it’s like the early mid-’90s all over again. Of course, this track will sounds amazing on dance radio and podcasts, but it would also be great to get a version that would work in all kinds of clubs and not just the superstar-led big rooms.? With that being said, “Love Will Bring It All Around” is a massive vocal monster with solid production which will no doubt dominate big rooms throughout the festival season.

Image Courtesy of Black Hole.